Bomag Multi-purpose Compactor BMP 8500 Operating & Maintenance Instructions

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Bomag BMP 8500 Multi-purpose Compactor Operating & Maintenance Instructions

This original manual PDF download describes procedures for operation, handling, lubrication, maintenance, checking, and trouble shooting for the Bomag BMP 8500 Multi-purpose compactor. It will help the operator or anyone realize peak performance through effective, economical and safe machine operation and maintenance.


Bomag BMP 8500 Multi-purpose compactor
S/N 101 720 11 1082 bis 101 720 11 1091
S/N 101 720 11 1112 bis 101 720 11 1116
S/N 101 720 11 1121


Technical Data
Safety regulations
Indicators and Controls
3.1 General notes
3.2 Description of indicators and control elements

4.1 General
4.2 Tests before taking into operation
4.3 BOSS safety system
4.4 Electronic immobilizer
4.5 Starting the engine
4.6 Driving the machine (cable remote control)
4.7 Safety inspection for the cable remote control
4.8 Switching the vibration on and off
4.9 Shut down the engine
4.10 Shutting down the engine manually
4.11 Starting operation of the radio remote control
4.12 Replacing, recharging the radio remote control power pack
4.13 Safety inspection for the radio remote control
4.14 Switching off of the radio remote control in case of radio interferences
4.15 Entering the machine type code into the display module
4.16 Teaching the BOSS safety system transponder
4.17 Assembling/removing the drum extension
4.18 Loading and transport

5.1 General notes on maintenance
5.2 Fuels and lubricants
5.3 Table of fuels and lubricants
5.4 Running-in instructions
5.5 Maintenance table
5.6 Check the engine oil level
5.7 Check the hydraulic oil level
5.8 Check the fuel level
5.9 Fuel filter, draining off water
5.10 Check the coolant level
5.11 Check the air intake hose
5.12 Changing engine oil and oil filter
5.13 Checking, tensioning, replacing the V-belt
5.14 Clean the cooling fins on engine and hydraulic oil cooler
5.15 Change the oil in the vibrator shaft housing
5.16 Checking the central screw of the drive hub
5.17 Draining the fuel tank sludge
5.18 Changing the fuel pre-cleaner, bleeding the fuel system
5.19 Battery service, checking the main battery switch
5.20 Check the rubber buffers
5.21 Checking, adjusting the valve clearance
5.22 Safety field measurement of the Boss safety system
5.23 Change hydraulic oil and filter
5.24 Change the coolant
5.25 Change the fuel lines
5.26 Checking the injection pressure
5.27 Checking the fuel injection pump
5.28 Checking the fuel injection timing
5.29 Check, clean, replace the combustion air filter
5.30 Adjust the scrapers
5.31 Tightening torques for screws with metric unified thread
5.32 Engine conservation

Trouble shooting
6.1 General notes
6.2 Engine problems
6.3 Problems with remote control Hetronic with spiral cable
6.4 Problems with radio remote control Hetronic in radio operation
6.5 Faults in BOSS safety system
6.6 Fault indicator
6.7 Fault code
6.8 Input codes for BLM control


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