FENDT 916/920/924/926/930 Vario Operation and Maintenance Manual

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This manual PDF download describes procedures for operation, handling, lubrication, maintenance, checking, and adjustment for the FENDT 916/920/924/926/930 Vario. It will help the operator or anyone realize peak performance through effective, economical and safe machine operation and maintenance.


FENDT 916 Vario
FENDT 920 Vario
FENDT 924 Vario
FENDT 926 Vario
FENDT 930 Vario


1. Driver seat
2. Display instruments and operating controls
3. Heating and ventilation
4. Rearwiew mirror
5. Start-up
6. Starting and stopping the engine
7. Vario transmission
8. Fuel consumption measurement
9. Tractor Management System (TMS)
10. PTO
11. Four wheel drive (4-WD)
12. Differential lock
13. Front axle suspension
14. Power lift and PTO automatic mode
15. Brakes
16. Steering
17. Hydraulics
18. Electronic lifting gear control, rear
19. Three-point link
20. Front power lift
21. Trailing devices
22. Compressed air system
23. Additional ballasting
24. Track adjustment
25. Twin tyres
26. On-board computer
27. Computer
28. Storing the settings
29. Implement control
30. Variotronic Ti

1. General
2. Opening the bonnet
3. Engine oil change
4. Fuel system
5. Dry air .lter
6. Cooling system
7. V belt
8. Brake and clutch system
9. Front PTO
10. Transmission and axle drives
11. Four-wheel drive axle
12. Power lift
13. Hydraulic system
14. Steering
15. Front wheels
16. Heating and ventilation
17. Air conditioning
18. Windshield washer system
19. Cleaning the tractor
20. Electrical and electronic systems
21. Fuses
22. Wiring diagrams

1. Reversing device

1. Warning and fault messages
2. Variotronic Ti fault messages
3. Warning and information messages for implement settings
4. Flame starting system faults
5. Fault code tables
6. Emergency operation

1. Technical data
2. Tyre pressures
3. Tyre combinations
4. Fuel and lubricants Vario 916 – 930
5. Lubrication chart
Maintenance Schedule



File Format : PDF
Language : English
Printable : Yes
Searchable : Yes
Bookmarked : Yes
Part Number : 930.000.000.014
Total Pages : 267

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Download Ebook

FENDT 916/920/924/926/930 Vario Operation and Maintenance Manual.pdf

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