JLG Lull 944E-42 Model Telehandler Service Manual

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JLG Lull 944E-42 Model Telehandler Service Manual

This service manual PDF download for the JLG Lull 944E-42 Model Telehandler has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the serviceman an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to fully at every opportunity.


JLG Lull Telehandler 944E-42 Model 
S/N: 0160041827 & After


Section 1 Safety Practices
Section 2 General Information and Specifications
Section 3 Boom
Section 4 Cab and Covers
Section 5 Axles, Drive Shafts, Wheels and Tires
Section 6 Transmission
Section 7 Engine
Section 8 Hydraulic System
Section 9 Electrical System
Section 10 Stabil-TRAK™ System
Section 11 Transfer Carriage


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Section 1 Safety Practices
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Disclaimer
1.3 Operation & Safety Manual
1.4 Do Not Operate Tags
1.5 Safety Information
1.5.1 Safety Alert System and Signal Words
1.6 Safety Instructions
1.6.1 Personal Hazards
1.6.2 Equipment Hazards
1.6.3 General Hazards
1.6.4 Operational Hazards
1.7 Safety Decals

Section 2 General Information and Specifications
2.1 Replacement Parts and Warranty Information
2.2 Torque Charts
2.2.1 SAE Fastener Torque Chart
2.2.2 Metric Fastener Torque Chart
2.2.3 Hydraulic Hose Torque Chart
2.3 Specifications
2.3.1 Travel Speeds
2.3.2 Hydraulic Cylinder Performance
2.3.3 Electrical System
2.3.4 Engine Performance Specifications
2.3.5 Tires
2.4 Fluid and Lubricant Capacities
2.5 Service and Maintenance Schedules
2.5.1 10 & 50 Hour
2.5.2 1st 100, 250 & 1st 500 Hour
2.5.3 500, 1000 & 2000 Hour
2.6 Lubrication Schedules

Section 3 Boom
3.1 Boom System Component Terminology
3.2 Boom System
3.2.1 Boom System Operation
3.3 Boom Assembly Maintenance
3.3.1 Third Boom Section Removal
3.3.2 Second Boom Section Removal
3.3.3 First Boom Section Removal
3.3.4 First Boom Section Installation
3.3.5 Second Boom Section Installation
3.3.6 Third Boom Section Installation
3.4 Boom Extend and Retract Chains
3.4.1 Boom Chain Inspection
3.4.2 Inspection Guidelines
3.4.3 Expose Chains for Inspection
3.4.4 Chain Lubrication
3.4.5 Boom Chain Tension Check
3.4.6 Boom Chain Tension Adjustment
3.4.7 Extend Chains Removal and Replacement
3.4.8 Retract Chain Removal and Replacement
3.5 Boom Wear Pads
3.5.1 Wear Pad Inspection
3.5.2 Wear Pad Installation and Lubrication
3.6 Quick Attach Assembly
3.6.1 Quick Attach Removal
3.6.2 Quick Attach Installation
3.7 Forks
3.8 Troubleshooting
3.9 Emergency Boom Lowering
3.9.1 Loss of Engine Power or Hydraulic Pump Failure
3.9.2 Hydraulic Line Failure
3.9.3 Hydraulic Hose Replacement
3.9.4 Hydraulic Hose Replacement – Step 1
3.9.5 Hydraulic Hose Replacement – Step 2

Section 4 Cab and Covers
4.1 Operator’s Cab and Covers Component Terminology
4.2 Operator’s Cab
4.2.1 Cab Safety
4.2.2 Serial Number Decal
4.3 Cab Components
4.3.1 Steering Column and Steering Valve
4.3.2 Steer Select Valve
4.3.3 Service Brake Valve and Pedal
4.3.4 Throttle Pedal
4.3.5 Throttle Position Sensor Replacement
4.3.6 Joystick Assemblies
4.4 Enclosed Cab (Optional) Components
4.4.1 Front Windshield Wiper Switch
4.4.2 Front Windshield Wiper Motor
4.4.3 Windshield Washer Control
4.4.4 Skylight Wiper Washer & Rear Window Washer Switch
4.4.5 Skylight Wiper Motor
4.4.6 Windshield/Skylight/Rear Wiper Washer Reservoir w/Pump
4.4.7 Rear Wiper Switch/Motor
4.4.8 Heater/Defroster System
4.5 Cab Removal
4.6 Cab Installation
4.7 Valve Plate
4.7.1 Valve Plate Removal
4.7.2 Valve Plate Installation

Section 5 Axles, Drive Shafts, Wheels and Tires
5.1 Axle, Drive Shaft and Wheel Component Terminology
5.2 General Information
5.3 Axle Assemblies
5.3.1 Axle Serial Number Plate
5.3.2 Axle Specifications
5.3.3 Axle Internal Service
5.3.4 Axle Maintenance
5.3.5 Axle Replacement
5.3.6 Axle Installation
5.3.7 Axle Assembly and Drive Shaft Troubleshooting
5.4 Drive Shafts
5.4.1 Drive Shaft Inspection and Service
5.4.2 Drive Shaft Maintenance
5.4.3 Drive Shaft Removal
5.4.4 Drive Shaft Cleaning and Drying
5.4.5 Drive Shaft Installation
5.5 Wheels and Tires
5.5.1 Removing Wheel and Tire Assembly from Machine
5.5.2 Installing Wheel and Tire Assembly onto Machine
5.6 Brakes
5.6.1 Brake Disc Inspection
5.7 Towing a Disabled Machine

Section 6 Transmission
6.1 Transmission Assembly Component Terminology
6.2 Transmission Serial Number
6.3 Transmission Specifications And Maintenance Information
6.4 Transmission Replacement
6.4.1 Transmission Removal
6.4.2 Transmission Inspection and Internal Repair
6.4.3 Transmission Installation
6.4.4 After Transmission Service or Replacement
6.5 Troubleshooting
6.5.1 Transmission Troubleshooting
6.6 Transfer Case Component Terminology
6.7 Transfer Case
6.7.1 Transfer Case Description
6.8 Transfer Case Serial Number
6.9 Transfer Case Maintenance
6.10 Transfer Case Replacement
6.10.1 Transfer Case Removal
6.10.2 Transfer Case Installation
6.11 Troubleshooting
6.11.1 Transfer Case Troubleshooting

Section 7 Engine
7.1 Introduction – Cummins QSB 4.5
7.1.1 Disclaimer and Scope
7.1.2 Component Terminology
7.2 Engine Serial Number
7.3 Specifications and Maintenance Information
7.4 Engine Cooling System
7.4.1 Radiator Pressure Cap
7.4.2 Radiator/Oil Cooler and Replacement
7.5 Engine Electrical System
7.6 Fuel System
7.6.1 Diesel Fuel
7.6.2 Fuel Tank
7.6.3 After Fuel System Service
7.7 Engine Exhaust System
7.7.1 Exhaust System Removal
7.7.2 Exhaust System Installation
7.8 Air Cleaner Assembly
7.8.1 Air Cleaner Assembly Removal
7.8.2 Air Cleaner Assembly Installation
7.9 Engine Replacement
7.9.1 Engine Removal
7.9.2 Engine Installation
7.10 Troubleshooting

Section 8 Hydraulic System
8.1 Hydraulic Component Terminology
8.2 Safety Information
8.3 Hydraulic Pressure Diagnosis
8.3.1 Pressure Checks and Adjustments
8.4 Hydraulic Circuits
8.4.1 Hydraulic Pressures
8.4.2 Hydraulic Schematic, 944E
8.5 Hydraulic Reservoir
8.5.1 Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Draining
8.5.2 Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Filling
8.5.3 Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Replacement
8.6 Hydraulic System Pump
8.6.1 Pump Description
8.6.2 Pump Failure Analysis
8.6.3 Pump Replacement
8.7 Valves and Manifolds
8.7.1 Valve Plate Assembly
8.7.2 Main Control Valve
8.7.3 Joystick Valve (Dual Joystick)
8.7.4 Pilot Select Valve (Dual Joystick)
8.7.5 Joystick Valve (Single Joystick)
8.7.6 Single Joystick Pilot Select Valve
8.7.7 Frame Sway Joystick Valve
8.7.8 Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure Release Valve
8.7.9 Service Brake Valve
8.7.10 Brake Test
8.7.11 Power Steering Valve
8.7.12 Steer Select Valve
8.7.13 Accumulator Charge/Secondary Function Valve
8.7.14 Accumulators
8.7.15 General Information
8.7.16 Checking Pre-Charge
8.7.17 Accumulator Charge Troubleshooting
8.8 Hydraulic Cylinders
8.8.1 Cylinder Pressure Checking
8.8.2 Steering Cylinders
8.8.3 Cylinder Torque Specifications

Section 9 Electrical System
9.1 Electrical Component Terminology
9.1.1 General Overview
9.2 Specifications
9.3 Safety Information
9.4 Fuses and Relays
9.4.1 Engine Compartment
9.4.2 Cab
9.4.3 Cab Harness Fuses and Relays
9.5 Electrical Schematics
9.5.1 Electrical Symbols Directory
9.5.2 944E-42 Electrical Schematics
9.6 Circuit Breakdowns
9.6.1 Constant Power Circuit from Battery
9.6.2 Start & Charge Circuit
9.7 Engine Start Circuit
9.7.1 Starter
9.8 Charging Circuit
9.8.1 Alternator
9.9 Window Wiper/Washer Windshield Wiper Motor
9.9.1 Windshield Wiper Motor
9.9.2 Skylight Wiper Motor
9.9.3 Rear Wiper Switch/Motor
9.9.4 Windshield Washer Reservoir and Pump
9.10 Cab Heater and Fan
9.10.1 Cab Heater Controls
9.11 Switches and Solenoids
9.11.1 Ignition Key Switch
9.11.2 Hydraulic Oil Filter Pressure Switch
9.11.3 Dual Hydraulic Oil Temperature Switch
9.11.4 Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure Release Switch
9.11.5 Parking Brake Switch
9.11.6 Transmission Disconnect Switch
9.11.7 Transmission Shift Control Switch
9.11.8 Transmission Solenoid Valves
9.11.9 Dual Joystick
9.11.10 Optional Single Joystick
9.11.11 Boom Angle Sensor
9.11.12 Coolant Temperature Switch
9.11.13 Transmission Temperature Switch
9.11.14 Fuel Level Gauge and Fuel Level Sender
9.11.15 Hourmeter
9.11.16 Stabilizer Brake Switch
9.12 Dash Switches
9.12.1 Dash Switches
9.13 Troubleshooting
9.13.1 Engine Fault Codes Retrieval
9.13.2 Engine Fault Codes Chart
9.13.3 Troubleshooting with a Digital Multimeter (DMM)
9.13.4 Probing Electrical Connectors

Section 10 Stabil-TRAK™ System
10.1 Stabil-TRAK™ System Component Terminology
10.2 Stabil-TRAK™ Description
10.2.1 Stabil-TRAK™ Solenoid Valves
10.3 Stabil-TRAK™ Electrical Circuit Operation and Troubleshooting
10.4 Stabil-TRAK™ System Test
10.4.1 Stabil-TRAK™ System Test Instructions
10.4.2 Stabil-TRAK™ System Test Procedures
10.5 Stabil-TRAK™ Hydraulic Circuit Operation and Troubleshooting
10.5.1 Troubleshooting Symptom Chart
10.5.2 Stabil-TRAK™ Hydraulic Circuit
10.5.3 Stabilizer Cylinder Oil Flow
10.5.4 Hydraulic Circuit Operation – Free Pivot Mode, Rod Oil Out
10.5.5 Hydraulic Troubleshooting – Free Pivot Mode, Rod Oil Out
10.5.6 Hydraulic Circuit Operation – Free Pivot Mode, Base Oil Out
10.5.7 Hydraulic Troubleshooting – Free Pivot Mode, Base Oil Out
10.5.8 Hydraulic Circuit Operation – Slow Pivot Mode, Rod Oil Out
10.5.9 Hydraulic Troubleshooting – Slow Pivot Mode, Rod Oil Out
10.5.10 Hydraulic Circuit Operation – Slow Pivot Mode, Base Oil Out
10.5.11 Hydraulic Troubleshooting – Slow Pivot Mode, Base Oil Out
10.5.12 Hydraulic Circuit Operation – Locked Mode
10.5.13 Hydraulic Circuit Operation – Locked Mode, Frame Sway Right
10.5.14 Hydraulic Troubleshooting – Locked Mode, Will Not Frame Sway Right
10.5.15 Hydraulic Circuit Operation – Locked Mode, Frame Sway Left
10.5.16 Hydraulic Troubleshooting – Locked Mode, Will Not Frame Sway Left

Section 11 Transfer Carriage
11.1 Transfer Carriage Component Terminology
11.2 Transfer Carriage
11.2.1 Transfer Carriage Description
11.2.2 Transfer Carriage Operation
11.3 Transfer Carriage Maintenance
11.3.1 Transfer Carriage Removal
11.3.2 Transfer Carriage Installation
11.3.3 Rear Wear Pad Check
11.3.4 Rear Wear Pad Shimming
11.3.5 Rear Wear Pad Replacement
11.3.6 Front Upstop Wear Pad Check
11.3.7 Front Upstop Wear Pad Gap Check
11.3.8 Front Upstop Wear Pad Shimming
11.3.9 Front Upstop Wear Pad Replacement
11.3.10 Rear Roller Gap Check
11.3.11 Rear Roller Shimming
11.3.12 Front Roller Gap Check
11.3.13 Front Roller Shimming
11.3.14 Front Scraper Plate Replacement
11.3.15 Front Roller and Bushing Replacement
11.3.16 Rear Roller and Bushing Replacement
11.3.17 Boom Pivot Bushing Replacement
11.3.18 Slave Cylinder Pivot Bushing Replacement
11.3.19 Transfer Cylinder Replacement
11.4 Troubleshooting
11.4.1 Transfer Carriage Troubleshooting


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