Komatsu D275A-5R Bulldozer Field Assembly Instruction (35001 and up) – GEN00067-01

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This Komatsu D275A-5R Bulldozer Field Assembly Manual PDF download provides you with everything you need to know in order to assembly your Komatsu D275A-5R Bulldozer safely and effectively. Step-by-step assembly procedure, parts installation, adjustment and maintenance procedure after completion of assembly.
Komatsu D275A-5R Bulldozer
Serial Numbers : 35001 and Up
Precautions for field assembly
Assembly procedure, necessary equipment, and schedule
Layout of kit
Style for transportation
Tools list for field assembly
Sketch of tools
Tightening torque
Coating materials
A. Assembly procedure
A-1 Installation of chassis
A-2 Installation of track frame
A-3 Installation of ripper
A-4 Adding oil to pivot chamber
A-5 Installing track shoes
A-6 Assembly of blade (For Semi-U-dozer U-dozer)
A-7 Assembly of blade (For Sigmadozer)
A-8 Installation of blade
A-9 Installation of operator‘s cab
A-10 Installation of ROPS
A-11 Check track tension
A-12 Check of oil and coolant levels
A-13 Lubricating
A-14 Bleeding air from hydraulic cylinders
A-15 Installation of KOMTRAX antenna
A-16 Installing lunchbox band (if equipped)
M. Check and maintenance procedures after completion of assembly
M-1 Check and adjustment of operator‘s cab
M-2 Inspection of machine monitor
Field assembly inspection report
File Type : PDF
Compatible : All Versions of Windows & Mac
Language : English


Download Ebook

Komatsu D275A-5R Bulldozer Field Assembly Instruction (35001 and up) – GEN00067-01.pdf


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