Polaris Outlaw 500 ATV Repair Service Manual 2006-2007

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This workshop repair service manual PDF download for the 2006-2007 Polaris Outlaw 500 has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the serviceman an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to fully at every opportunity.


MODEL: 2006- 2007 OUTLAW 500




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Language : English
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Total Pages : 202

This manual contains enough detail and basic information to make it useful to the owner who desires to perform his own basic maintenance and repair work. A basic knowledge of mechanics, the proper use of tools, and workshop procedures must be understood in order to carry out maintenance and repair satisfactorily.

This service manual, repair manual, workshop manual PDF download contains specs, diagrams, actual real photo illustrations, and schemes. In addition to space savings, nice thing about having completly searcheble PDF files instead of a hard-printed manual is that you can use the Search feature in your PDF reader software (Adobe Acrobat) to find just what your looking for and just print out the exact pages you need or all manual easily. This is the same manual your local dealer will use when doing a repair. This is a must for the Do-It-Yourselfer! Saving Yourself $$$$$$ In Service Repair And Maintenance Costs !!!!

Instant Download means there is NO shipping costs or waiting for a CD or paper manual to arrive in the mail!, You will receive this manual TODAY via Instant Download on completion of payment via our secure payment processor. We accept ALL major credit/debit cards/paypal.

Manual Safety Labels and Directions
Vehicle Identification
Model Identification
Engine Designation Number
VIN Identification
Unit Serial Number (VIN) Location
Engine Serial Number Location
Vehicle Information
Paint Codes
Replacement Keys
Publication Numbers
Standard Torque Specifications
MODEL: 2007 OUTLAW 500
2007 OUTLAW 500
Special Tools
‘Where Used’ Table
Special Tool Listing
Misc. Numbers / Charts
SAE Tap / Drill Sizes
Metric Tap / Drill Sizes
Decimal Equivalents
Coversion Table
Glossary of Terms
Periodic Maintenance Chart
Periodic Maintenance Overview
Maintenance Chart Key
Pre-Ride Maintenance Interval
Recommended Pre-Ride Fluid Level Checks
0 – 50 Hour Maintenance Interval
50 – 100 Hour Maintenance Interval
100 – 300 Hour Maintenance Interval
Maintenance References
Lubricants and Service Products
Polaris Lubricants, Maintenance and Service Products
General Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance
Pre-Ride / Daily Inspection
Frame, Nuts, Bolts, and Fasteners
Fuel System and Air Intake
Fuel System
Fuel Lines
Vent Lines
Fuel Valve
Carburetor Draining
Carburetor Pilot Screw Adjustment
Idle Speed Adjustment
Throttle Inspection
Throttle Cable / Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Adjustment
Choke Adjustment
Air Filter and Pre-filter Service
Air Box Drain Tube
Crankcase Breather Filter Inspection
Engine and Transmission
Engine Oil Level Check
Engine Oil and Filter Service
Oil Pump Priming Procedure
Compression Test
Exhaust Pipe / Spark Arrestor
Engine Mount Locations
Liquid Cooling System
Cooling System Overview
Coolant Strength / Type
Cooling System Hoses
Recovery Bottle Coolant Level Inspection
Cooling System Pressure Test
Radiator Screen Removal
Final Drive
Clutch Adjustment
Reverse Lock-Out Lever Inspection and Cable Adjustment
Sprocket Inspection
Drive Chain Inspection / Replacement
Drive Chain Tension
Drive Chain Adjustment
Rear Driveshaft Boot Inspection
Rear Driveshaft Boot “Pressure Equalizing”
Electrical and Ignition System
Battery Maintenance
Battery Inspection / Removal
Battery Terminals / Bolts
Off Season Storage
Engine- To- Frame Ground
Charging Procedure
Spark Plug Inspection
Ignition Timing
Steering and Suspension
Wheel Alignment
Steering Inspection / Tie Rod Ends and Hubs
Toe Alignment Adjustment
Camber and Caster
Suspension Spring Preload Adjustment
Rear Shock Compression Adjustment
Brake System
Brake System Inspection
Hose / Fitting Inspection
Brake Pad Inspection
Brake Testing
Wheels and Tires
Wheel, Hub, and Spindle Torque Table
Wheel Removal: Front or Rear
Tire Pressure
Tire Inspection
Torque Specifications
ES50PL Engine Service Data
ES50PL Engine Service Data
Special Tools
Engine Fastener Torque Patterns
General Engine Service
Piston Identification
Compression Test
Coolant Temperature Sensor (Thermistor)
Cooling System
Radiator Cap / System Pressure Test
Cooling System Specifications
Accessible Components
Engine Removal
Engine Installation Notes
Crankshaft Straightening
ES50PL Engine Lubrication
Oil Pressure Test
Oil Pump Priming Procedure
Oil Flow – ES50PL
ES50PL Oil Flow Chart
ES50PL Engine Exploded Views
Upper Engine Disassembly
Cam Chain Tensioner Removal
Cam Chain Tensioner Inspection and Reassembly
Camshaft Removal
Automatic Compression Release Inspection
Camshaft Inspection
Cylinder Head Removal
Cylinder and Piston Removal
Piston Removal
Piston and Rod Inspection
Lower Engine Disassembly
Crankcase Disassembly and Inspection
Starter Drive Gears Removal and Inspection
Flywheel / One-Way Starter Clutch Removal and Inspection
Crankshaft Nut Removal
Clutch Cover / Clutch Removal and Inspection
Shifter Component Removal and Inspection
Oil Pump Removal and Inspection
Crankshaft Drive and Cam Gear Removal
Cam Chain / Tensioner Blade Removal
Crankcase Separation
Crankcase Inspection
Crankcase Bearing Inspection / Removal / Installation
Transmission and Crankshaft Service
Transmission Removal and Inspection
Transmission Main Shaft Disassembly / Assembly
Transmission Reassembly
Crankshaft Removal / Installation
Crankshaft Inspection
Engine Reassembly
Crankcase Reassembly
Piston Installation
Piston Ring Installation
Cylinder Installation
Cam Chain Installation
Camshaft Timing
Primary Drive Gear Installation
Outlaw Cam Timing Exploded View
Cylinder Head Service
Cylinder Head Inspection
Cylinder Head Warp
Cylinder Head Disassembly
Cylinder Head Valve Guide / Valve Seat Inspection
Valve Guide Removal / Installation / Ream
Valve Seat Reconditioning
Valve Inspection
ES50PL Adjusting Pad Selection Matrix
Cylinder Head Assembly
Cylinder Head Installation
Cylinder Service
Cylinder Inspection
Piston-to-Cylinder Clearance
Cylinder Hone Selection and Honing Procedure
Honing To Deglaze
Piston Ring Installed Gap
Water Pump Service
Oil Seal / Mechanical Seal Removal (Engine Disassembled)
Water Pump Mechanical Seal Installation
Mechanical Seal Removal and Installation (Engine Assembled)
Spark Plug Fouling
Cooling System
Fuel System and Carburetion
BSR 42 Carburetor Exploded View
Fuel Tank Assembly
Special Tools
Jetting Guidelines
Carburetor Jetting
Mikuni Jet Part Numbers
CV Carburetor System
Carburetor Function
Vent Systems – CV Carburetor
Mikuni CV Carburetor Operation
Pilot (Idle and Slow) System
Starter System (Choke or Enrichment)
Float System
Main System
Pilot Screw
Carburetor Disassembly
Carburetor Cleaning
Carburetor Inspection
Carburetor Assembly
Float Height Adjustment
Fuel Delivery
Needle and Seat Leak Test
Fuel Level test
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Disassembly
Fuel Pump Inspection / Assembly
Fuel Starvation / Lean Mixture
Rich Mixture
Poor Idle / Idle Too High
Idle Too Low
Erratic Idle
General Information
Torque Specifications
Special Tools
Body Assembly
Exploded View
Body Component Removal
Seat / Side Panel
Front Cab
Tank Cover
Heel Pocket
Rear Cab
Steering Assembly Exploded View
Steering Knuckle
Ball Joint Service
Front Hub
Exploded View
Hub Removal
Hub Disassembly
Hub Assembly
Hub Installation
Front Suspension Exploded View
Front A-arm Replacement
A-arm Removal and Inspection
A-arm Installation
Rear Suspension Exploded View
Rear A-arm Replacement
A-arm Removal
A-arm Inspection
A-arm Installation
Rear Housing
Exploded View
Housing Removal
Housing Disassembly / Service
Rear Bearing Carrier
Carrier Removal
Carrier Disassembly / Inspection
Carrier Assembly
Carrier Installation
Rear Drive (CV) Joint
CV Joint Removal
CV Joint Service
CV Boot Replacement
CV Joint Installation
Front Shock Exploded View
Rear Shock Exploded View
RydeFX™ REAR SHOCK (Compression Adjustable)
RydeFX™ Shock Service
Shock Specification Chart
Piston Orientation
RydeFX™ Shock Rebuild Procedure
Brake Specifications
General Specifications
Torque Specifications
Special Tools
Brake Caliper Exploded Views
Rear Brake Caliper Assembly
Front Brake Caliper Assembly
Brake System Overview
Front Brake System – Exploded View
Rear Brake System – Exploded View
Service Notes
Brake Noise Troubleshooting
Hydraulic System Operation
Brake Fluid Replacement and Bleeding Procedure
Master Cylinder
Front Caliper Service
Caliper Removal and Disassembly
Caliper Inspection
Caliper Reassembly
Caliper Installation
Front Brake Pads
Pad Removal
Pad Assembly
Brake Burnishing Procedure
Front Brake Disc
Disc Inspection
Disc Removal / Replacement
Rear Caliper Service
Caliper Removal
Caliper Disassembly
Caliper Inspection
Caliper Assembly
Rear Brake Pad
Pad Removal
Pad Installation
Rear Brake Disc
Disc Inspection
Disc Removal
Disc Replacement
Brakes Squeal
Poor Brake Performance
Lever Vibration
Brakes Lock
General Information
Special Tools
Electrical Service Notes
Timing Check Procedure
Lighting and Controls
Neutral / Reverse Position Indicator Switch Test
Headlight Lamp Replacement
Headlamp Switch Test
Headlight Housing Replacement
Headlight Adjustment
Taillight / Brakelight Lamp Replacement
Brake Light Switch Tests
Clutch Switch Test
Indicator Lamp Replacement
Tether Switch Test (Accessory Option)
Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Switch
ETC Operation Test
Ignition System
Ignition System Troubleshooting
Circuit Breakers
Cranking Output Tests
Flywheel Identification
DC / CDI Ignition
Ignition System Testing
Components of DC / CDI Ignition
Cooling System
Fan Control Circuit Operation / Testing
Coolant Temperature Sensor Test (Hot Light)
Fan Control Switch Bypass Test
Coolant Fan Control Switch Operation Test
Fan Motor Current Draw
Charging System
Current Draw – Key Off
Charging System “Break Even” Test
Alternator Tests (Charging System)
Charging System Testing Flow Chart
Battery Service
Battery Maintenance
Battery Inspection / Removal
Battery Terminals / Bolts
Battery Testing
OCV – Open Circuit Voltage Test
Load Test
Off Season Storage
Charging Procedure
Starting System
Starter System Troubleshooting
Clutch Switch Test
Neutral Start Diode Test
Starter Voltage Drop Testing
Starter Motor Disassembly
Brush Inspection / Replacement
Armature Testing
Starter Reassembly
Starter One-Way Clutch Inspection
Starter System Testing Flow Chart
WIRE DIAGRAM (Breakouts)


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